[I]f the Republicans want to spend the entire next six months or year talking about repealing a bill that provides millions of people health insurance without providing any meaningful alternative, instead of wanting to talk about jobs and the economic situation of families all across the country, that’s their prerogative. At some point I think they’ll make the transition. That’s my hope, anyway. If not, we’re just going to keep on doing what we’re doing, which is making it work for people all across the country.

I’m sorry, I’m going to say one last thing about this, just because this does frustrate me: States that have chosen not to expand Medicaid for no other reason than political spite. You’ve got 5 million people who could be having health insurance right now at no cost to these states—zero cost to these states—other than ideological reasons. They have chosen not to provide health insurance for their citizens. That’s wrong. It should stop. Those folks should be able to get health insurance like everybody else.

- President Obama

Most of the states with Republican governors who have opted out of the Medicaid expansion have very poor people living there, too. These governors are deliberately hurting their own citizens because they don’t like the president. That’s just wrong.




When I used to think about Voldemort’s horcruxes I imagined a soul divided in equal portions residing in the different horcruxes and Voldemort himself. I realised that this can’t be true in The Half-Blood Prince Slughorn describes making a horcrux as splitting ones soul in two. This means that when Riddle made his Diary into a horcrux he split his soul in half and physically removed one half from his body and placed it in the diary. This means that he only had half of his soul left when he made his next horcrux, Marvolo’s ring. This half would have been split in half leaving only a quarter in Voldemort’s body. This goes on and on the amount of soul remaining in Voldemort halving each time he makes a horcrux until he had only 1/128 or 0.78125% left in his body.  As shown in the graph above.  So next time you wonder why Voldemort could have done some of things he did, remember how little human he had left in him. I don’t know about you but I think that this is crazy.

Come on guys, I didn’t do maths for 14 notes

So are you telling me that Harry had more Voldemort than Voldemort had Voldemort? 


"Deadly Politics"


A year since Aaron …


… why forget when we can remember?

One year later, web legends like Tim Berners-Lee honor Aaron Swartz: http://www.wired.com/underwire/2014/01/aaron-swartz-documentary-clip/

The documentary: http://aaronswartzthedocumentary.com/


Obtenido de: Kristian Randall portfolio.Más info en: Third Wave Feminist (3WF)

Obtenido de: Kristian Randall portfolio.Más info en: Third Wave Feminist (3WF)


Obtenido de: Kristian Randall portfolio.
Más info en: Third Wave Feminist (3WF)


We need more people like this that want Americans to earn a living wage.


America love it or leave it!

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A sad day when a progressive voice for science and critical thinking is murdered. Narendra Dabholkar, a leading light in Indian rationalism. Vale.


Catholic or Fiction? Have a go, see how good your knowledge is of recent Church and church-influenced activities.



Let’s hope Congress does not flinch as it begins the debate about immigration reform because the future is passing through security – in the wrong direction. It leaves the United States on every departing airplane carrying a foreign born student who has graduated from an American university with an advanced degree in the sciences, technology, engineering and math. The majority of these people want to stay in the United States but because of existing immigration laws, they have no choice but to leave.

In Silicon Valley, which has always been blind to any attribute other than ability, everyone knows that the remarkable achievements of the foreign born have led to the formation of companies such as Google, Intel, Sun Microsystems, nVidia, Yahoo! PayPal and scores of others that are less well known. Of the last eleven early stage companies that have allied themselves with Sequoia Capital, seven have had immigrants among their founding lineup. This is not a sudden or recent phenomenon; it has been the leitmotif of our business since the 1970s. However, the number of startups would be even higher if we weren’t ejecting foreign-born students and if we welcomed their contemporaries who have been educated overseas. Today, it is impossible to satisfy Silicon Valley’s appetite for engineers and scientists with people born in America.

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Boston Wiki Meetup

(Some will say this is not the time. I disagree. This is the time when every mixed emotion needs to find voice.)

Since his arresting the early morning of January 11, 2011 — two years to the day before Aaron Swartz ended his life — I have known more about the events that began this…


Watching the CES coverage out of the corner of my Internet eye, I’m reminded of exactly how bad most hardware makers are at writing software. Mat Honan summed it up nicely last month: No One Uses Smart TV Internet Because It Sucks. Amen to that. But it’s not just TVs. Who really likes the…

"Governor, you’ve been asked 14 times. Why are you refusing to answer the question?"
— Mitt Romney not answering reporter as to whether he would eliminate FEMA during event for hurricane victims.  (via officialssay)